#1 Consultation Phone/ E-mail / Meeting

Your product development begins with a phone consultation and make an appointment. We are here to find out what you are looking for.

DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT? That's ok, it's our job to help develop your product and offer suggestions along the way.

#2 Develop Samples

Our team will created product samples for you based on the consultation. You will be able to see, touch and smell your product. Samples then get recreated, based on your feedback, before being manufactured.

#4 Finished Product & Shipping

After final sample has been approved, your product is filled labeled and packaged.

Then shipped to you and ready for your customers!

#3 Containers & Packaging

We offer a variety of bottles, jars, tubes, caps and colors to choose from to create that perfect look. Or have a custom creation that is uniquely yours. Submit your designed for printing or we can connect you with one of our contracted graphic designers to work with.

Labels and contents are your responsibility but we are happy to review your label proof at no charge to help you avoid any possible issues prior to filling your product.